Our host, Scott J. Tredwell is joined by a roundtable of guests, including Marni S. Berger and Pamela Playo Lin at Anapol Weiss and Martin Beck and Conrad James Benedetto at McCormick & Priore, P.C. The roundtable is comprised of two experienced plaintiff attorneys and two seasoned defense attorneys who bring their unique viewpoints to the table, dissecting the practice of law, practical advice, and the intricacies of navigating opposing counsel, clients, and the courtroom.

You can contact Marni Berger, via email at mberger@anapolweiss.com or phone at (215) 383-2747 and Pamela Playo Lin, via email at pplayolin@anapolweiss.com or phone at (215) 735-9034. We also encourage you to visit their website at https://www.anapolweiss.com/.

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