On February 21, 2023, the Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel presented “Investigating and Defending Sexual Torts,” which included presenters Barbara Ziv, M.D., Forensic Psychiatrist, John P. Delaney, Jr., Esq., Director of Investigations of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Victoria M. Komarnicki, Esq., Member at Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg LLC, Susan Keesler, Esq., Associate at McCormick & Priore, P.C., and moderated by Lauren M. Steins, Esq., Partner at Deasey, Mahoney & Valentini, Ltd.

This program examined several areas with respect to investigating and defending sexual torts, including tactics to utilize during pre-suit investigation and what key information should be obtained as soon as the claim arises, how to approach depositions of plaintiffs given the sensitive nature of the claims, changes in approach to obtaining discovery when confronted with obstacles,  information needed by experts to assess the emotional damages, as well as defense strategies from both the liability and damage perspectives.

For additional questions, please contact Susan Keesler, Esquire and/or Conrad James Benedetto, Esquire.

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