At McCormick & Priore, integrity and intensity means real involvement with our clients, to acquire an in-depth understanding of the defendant’s industry and overall business context. As a result, we are sought after for a broad range of defense litigation, and also for forward-looking counsel, helping clients anticipate and pre-emptively resolve potential legal issues.

McCormick & Priore has extensive experience in all aspects of automobile insurance litigation: third-party liability actions, uninsured motorist claims (“UM”), underinsured motorist claims (“UIM”), first-party benefits (“PIP”) actions, bad faith claims, and coverage disputes. The claims in these actions can range from the “typical” soft-tissue injury, to paralysis, to wrongful death, with issues regarding both liability and medical causation. The attorneys at McCormick & Priore have not only litigated hundreds of such cases; they also routinely serve as defense arbitrators in UM/UIM cases, and lecture extensively regarding automobile insurance actions. In addition, Mr. McCormick is also the author of UM/UIM Digest of Reported Cases in Pennsylvania (1989, and Updates 1991 through the present).
Our leading defense litigation experts can be found at the following locations: