McCormick & Priore, P.C. has extensive experience in all aspects of first-party property litigation including: fraud investigations, breach of contract claims, allegations of bad faith, and coverage disputes. The claims in these actions can range in severity from the “typical” hail and wind damage claims to catastrophic losses (CAT claims). Our attorneys routinely handle first-party property cases in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania. Our attorneys also regularly publish and lecture on first-party property issues and changes in the law that may affect our clients in this area.

From day one, our attorneys will perform comprehensive analyses of every aspect of the claim and its handling. The defense of first-party property actions usually involve a “fact-intensive” investigation of the circumstances surrounding a homeowner’s claim. Our attorneys are experienced in systematically breaking down the known facts of a property claim to create a detailed timeline of events. This timeline will provide valuable insight into determining the causation for the alleged property damage claims. The case will also be assessed for any and all potential coverage defenses and affirmative defenses. Likewise, the case will be assessed for any potential dispositive motions and the likelihood of a defense verdict. Our attorneys have also built relationships with several industry professionals and experts whose testimony and reports are often paramount to obtaining a favorable verdict in these types of cases.

We pride ourselves on being detail oriented and readily available for all of our client’s needs and concerns. From our lowest level compulsory arbitration cases to multi-million dollar commercial claims, our attorneys will walk our clients through every step of the process. Likewise, our dedicated and well-trained support staff is available for all our clients’ needs.