McCormick & Priore, P.C.’s experience in handling the complex field of products liability law extends back many years. In representing manufacturers and other suppliers of products, the firm brings to bear this extensive experience in navigating through the intricate, complex, and often conflicting case law and statutory law governing this field in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. Employing innovative and aggressive defense strategies, McCormick & Priore, P.C. has successfully represented large and small manufacturers and other suppliers against multiple theories of liability in this area of the law.

Products liability claims are complicated and expert intensive. Plaintiffs alleging injuries from defective products may claim injuries ranging from mild to catastrophic, including wrongful death. The key to understanding and successfully litigating a products liability claim is a solid grasp on the technical aspects of the claim. Our attorneys work closely with qualified experts in reviewing and defending a products liability claim. We understand the importance of ascertaining all the details of the alleged product defect and alleged injury, and placing the plaintiff’s allegations in the context of the applicable products liability law.

Our attorneys have experience in defending manufacturing and design defect claims, together with failure to warn and breach of warranty claims. From the very inception of the case, we will review plaintiff’s claims and work cooperatively with our client to devise a litigation strategy that meets the client’s goals and budgeting needs.

For many manufacturing and design defect claims, the case truly does depend on the expert witnesses. We methodically research potentially suitable experts, choosing the best qualified expert for a given case. Likewise, an effective attack on the plaintiff’s expert can make all the difference. Our attorneys are skillful and experienced at researching the technical issues of the case and the experts’ backgrounds and targeting the defense strategy to most effectively represent our clients.