Appellate advocacy is often thought of as the most intense and hyper-technical practice area in litigation due to the sheer volume of appellate procedural nuances that invite common pitfalls which could result in the dismissal of an appeal without even reaching the merits. Without experienced appellate attorneys to navigate the appellate process, appellate success may be jeopardized. 

But even where the most careful of attorneys that get through the procedural hurdles of the appellate process are faced with the daunting task of advocating for their client in the appellate courts which are often the courts of last resort for litigants. Simply put, appellate practice carries an inherent gravity of finality that oftentimes includes a ripple effect by setting industry-wide precedent on issues of first impression that reach far beyond a single appeal. 

Glen Shikunov, Esquire serves as the chair of the firm’s Appellate Advocacy Unit where our appellate attorneys have a wealth of experience in the nuances of the appellate process and provide comprehensive analysis at all stages up to and through oral argument before the appellate courts. The Appellate Advocacy Unit at McCormick & Priore, P.C. has handled a wide variety of cases up on appeal at both the Superior and Supreme Court levels. We have regularly served as primary appellate counsel or amicus counsel on behalf of insurers on a variety of issues including matters of first impression. At McCormick & Priore, P.C. we pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned and providing our clients with in-depth research, analysis, briefing and oral argument at the appellate level to ensure the best representation while maximizing results.

From appeals involving simple procedural defects in the record to those with complex industry setting objective at the Supreme Court level, we treat each and every appeal with the attention to detail and dedication that our clients deserve and have come to expect from our appellate attorneys.