McCormick & Priore, P.C. is a defense litigation firm known for having the intensity and integrity to go beyond expectations – something we call “outperformance.” This includes being large enough to provide the in-depth legal expertise and support our clients need and focused enough to provide the individualized attention successful litigation requires.

Equal parts honesty, trustworthiness, dedication and professionalism, integrity is the quality we value most. When a law firm prizes integrity as highly as we do, it attracts attorneys that are not only intensely professional but also straightforward, honest, and as dedicated to their clients as they are to the law. As a result, we are sought after for a broad range of defense litigation, and also for forward-looking counsel, helping clients anticipate and pre-emptively resolve potential legal issues.

Since our founding in 1994, we have represented the interests of clients in a wide range of industries, offering particular expertise in defense litigation for insurance-related companies as well as manufacturers. We serve a wide range of clients, from multinational corporations to mid-size companies as well as individuals. Our attorneys are experienced at the trial and appellate levels of both state and federal court, and our firm is committed to the on-going support and education of our clients.

Our intensity in pursuing winning outcomes, plus our reputation for dealing with integrity, has attracted the highest-caliber clients across the nation.

Expect more from McCormick & Priore, P.C. in expertise and responsiveness.



Amend at Your Leisure, Part III

Second Department Redlines Plaintiff’s Pleadings Resulting in Summary Judgment We’re giving serious consideration to starting a subseries of cases where the plaintiff fails to properly allege an Industrial Code section, does nothing about it until after discovery is...

Sufficiently Relevant Inconsistencies

Fourth Department Upholds Denial of Plaintiff’s Summary Judgment Motion to Account for Alternative Account of Incident In a recent decision, the Appellate Division, Fourth Department affirmed a Supreme Court, Monroe County decision that denied plaintiff’s motion for...

No Departures

First Department Keeps Defendant’s Exit from Labor Law § 240(1) Claim Grounded In a recent decision, the Appellate Division, First Department modified a Supreme Court, New York County decision that denied defendant’s motion for summary judgment to dismiss plaintiff’s...